Collective Investment Bond

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What is a Collective Investment Bond

A Collective Investment Bond enables you to build a portfolio of funds that match your risk profile and investment strategy. Within a collective policy you can invest in:

  • Collective Investment Funds
  • Unit Trusts
  • Bank Deposits

A Collective policy allows you to invest in as many funds as you like to ensure the balance of your portfolio reflects your needs whether it be greater potential for growth, more security or a combination of both depending on your circumstances.


Key Features


Minimum Initial Contributions: GBP/USD/EURO 50,000

Minimum Additional Contributions: GBP/USD/EURO 5,000

There is no maximum amount contribution

Time Horizion

You intend to invest for at least 5 years as the product has been designed as a medium to long-term investment solution

(although you can surrender the policy whenever you need to, early encashment penalties may apply)

Who can apply?

18 – 89 yrs

The Veritas Investment Bond can be owned on a single or joint basis. It can also be owned by companies, partnerships and trustees.

Access to your money

One-off or regular withdrawals will be free of charge as long as there is a minimum surrender value isn’t below either:

GBP/USD/EURO 10,000 or;

5% of the total contributions after the deduction of any applicable charges to maintain the policy

Access Allocation

Self Investment

Investment Adviser

Investment Platform

Discretionary Management


Financial Adviser - Your dedicated financial adviser should be your first point of call and will have access to our full range support

Online - keep yourself up to date with policy valuation and performance through our user-friendly online portal.

Customer Service Team - you benefit from our experienced customer service and administration team in order to handle any queries relating to your plan

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